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1.I think it is a cliché to view artists such as Jackson Pollock as clichés

2.I live half of my life in passive astonishment


3.I live a quarter of my life in frantic indifference


4.I live a quarter of my life in silent rage


5.I sometimes consider to make myself a tinfoil hat


6.Irony is good in humor sometimes, mostly it is not good in art


7.I left university and applied for Fine Arts Academy because of the novel “Beloved”


8.I believe Nike’s slogan to be today’s most relevant philosophy


9.I think it is a shame Esperanto didn’t catch on


10.I miss cassette tapes


11.I agree with both Peter Weibel and Clement Greenberg


12.I have a mirror in each room which makes me very uncomfortable and self-conscious but Karen Blixen

recommends it as a way to stay present


13.I wish I was more like Jim Morrison and sometimes I am


14.I sometimes think about Lenny Bruce


15.I think about Thoreau almost daily


16.I believe that A Chacun son Paradis


17.I (too) often say to myself: “oh Toto we’re a long way from Kansas”


18.I think analysis can be paralysis and often is


19.J’veux pas finir comme Kurt Cobain


20.I tend to trust women who wear cowboy boots


21.I am not afraid of the dark


22.I am afraid of people in pastels


23.Johnny Cash was mine two decades before he was yours


24.I still have Kris Kristofferson to myself but it is not quite the same


25.I believe in Kenneth Noland and Fra Angelico


26. My favorite word is “Godspeed”


27. When I doubt I just google Jenny Holzer and all is better


28. For me it’s all about alterity